Writing Organization Senpai Noticed Me.

I’ve been participating in the Instawrimo Challenge “The Trail to Camp NaNoWriMo” on Instagram all March. I’ve missed some days but have caught up whenever I can. This is the longest I’ve ever participated in one of these monthly challenges thanks to my attention span. *Pats self on back* Good job, self.

Well, yesterday it all paid off because WRITER ORGANIZATION SENPAI NOTICED ME. Yes, NaNoWriMo chose my entry out of those of us that entered the challenge to share it on their main page! *dancing*

It may not seem like that big of a deal, but I’ve looked up to this organization for YEARS. They inspire me and keep me motivated. I’ve made friends through their meetups and I couldn’t be more thankful towards them. Having them share my entry really made my day. 🖤💚

Hmm, there’s a bit of a typo….but I’m not gonna let that get me down! 💫

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Mercury Retrograde, Eff You!!

So, this Mercury Retrograde has hit me pretty hard. Normally, I survive and only a few things go wrong with me communication why.

This Mercury Retrograde everything electronic has gone wrong. I’ve lost two printers (one a brand new one right out of the box), four iPhone chargers, a USB charging port, a headlight, and my business laptop is teetering on the edge of death. My mobile keeps doing this thing where it blacks out too. Ugh!

So what can you do to protect yourself from Mercury Retrograde’s effects? Well, not much. Haha. At least, not much to handle the electronic death frenzy (which ironically would be a fantastic electro-punk band name). However, a crystal like Blue Sodalite is a good protection against miscommunication and it never hurts to wear something like Hematite to stay grounded. I’ve been wearing my evil eye bracelet a lot lately because it certainly feels like Mercury is freaking glaring at me!

Salt baths and purification oils are good to mix into your shower gels during Mercury Retrograde. They help cleanse the negative energy fog that follows you around at this time. Mixing a bit into a spray bottle mix of witch hazel & distilled water and using it to spray in your car will help protect it from mercury’s effects on your automotive. (I wish I had done this BEFORE my headlight went out but I’m definitely gonna do it before anything else goes wrong with it.)

I’m going to be saging the freak out of my house later today. I can’t take this wacky planet energy floating around here any longer. I just got my replacement, replacement printer in and have a delivery of replacement iPhone chargers coming in today so I’m not taking any more chances! ‘Eff off Mercury Retrograde!

The Umbrella Academy is lit.

I’ve watched The Umbrella Academy on Netflix twice already and let me just tell you Klaus / The Séance is still my favorite. It’s been YEARS since I read the comics and I still love him 150%.

When I read the comics back in middle/high school I loved The Séance and The Rumor so much. Although I was too young to understand the comics fully, and read them because I was a My Chemical Romance fangirl, watching the show reawakened that love I had for the comics on their own. It’s an amazing story that’s unique and quirky. There’s so many “what the fuck?” moments and plot twists that are amplified by characters you just love (Klaus and Number 5, ahh!) and love to hate (I’m talking about you Luther).

If you haven’t given it a try, I highly suggest it. It’s made so well, the characters are hilarious, and I mean…it’s a better way to spend your time than your dad sending you to the moon for no reason. *shruggs*


(( This meme sums everything up. I didn’t make it though. ))

Mental Health & Witchcraft

Being a 21st century witch can be difficult. You can feel like you’re pressured to do more things than you have time for. In an age when we’re constantly connected via the internet and social media it can be difficult to disconnect to practice the craft….and your own mental well being.

However, taking even just 10 minutes a day to disconnect and focus on yourself can be beneficial to both your craft and your wellbeing. For instance, a 10 minute meditation session can be both spiritually revitalizing and mentally revitalizing.

I’m not saying schedule a 10 minute session in the middle of your work day, but hey if you can manage that power to you. I’m also not saying a hollywood-esque meditation session with ominous music, dozen of candles, and incense smoke pouring through the room like fog in a Stephen King movie.

10 minutes, at the end of the day or in the morning. Sit some place comfortable and just focus on your breathing. Feel the way it flows through your body. Listen for ten things around you that you can hear. Throw on the Headspace App or look up a 10-minute meditation session on Youtube. It really does help prevent the “burn out” and “unworthy” feelings you can sometimes feel being a modern witch.

Another great way to improve mental health is to take a St. John’s wort supplement daily. St. John’s wort is a holistic herb that’s shown to improve mental health, mood, and treat mild depression. (Now, don’t go throwing out the pills your doctor gave you if you take any. If a doctor has prescribed you something always listen to them first. They are the professional, I’m just a witch on the internet.) I’ve been taking it for a few days and honestly had pretty low expectations but I think it might be working. But, again, I’m just a witch on the internet.

BIG MOOD (Boards)

‘Ello lovebugs!

Ew. Okay, that was a little too Prince Star for my liking. Anywhosit here are those character mood boards I promised! Each one has a tiny little ‘About The Character’ in the caption beneath it. 😉


Donovan Lazuli Aesthetic

Donovan Lazuli: Fallen God, book lover, hopeless romantic, cynical asshole. A military goth suffering from mental health issues with a questionable fondness for rap music, whiskey, and, oh yeah, he’s an atheist. *rolls eyes*


Marina Lazuli

Marina Lazuli: Fallen God, hacker, pink-haired rebel, Donovan’s smartest sibling (clearly). Marina is a badass with an attitude and probably the only one in Lazarus that has any idea what they’re doing.


Justice Sheerwood

Justice Sheerwood: Fallen God, country boy, punk sweetheart, pagan. Justice didn’t want anything to do with the military but honestly had no choice in the matter. He’s trying his best…..this is fine.


Prince Star

Prince Algol “Star” Vega: Prince Star is the heir to the daemonic throne of course! They’re a pastel pink daemon with a love for Queen, retro fashion, and sweets. Oh, and that blood red liquid they drink? It’s best not to ask about it.


Helio Mortez

Hélio Mortez: Angsty, over-tired, daemonic bodyguard. Think overtired college student that knows how to wield a blade….got it? Now picture them more over tired. There you go. You found Hélio.



Ashland Fitzgerald: New Yorker, fitness buff, military brat, trickster. 1/7 in the United Nations Supernatural Department’s Seventh Squad. He’s Donovan’s best friend and partner in crime…literally….probably.



Liana Lazuli: Wife, librarian, tea addict, and cat lover. Liana is Donovan’s other half and keeps him in check when he gets too out of hand (yeah, I don’t know how that works either). 



Sebastian Lazuli: Estranged brother, cleric, and video game aficionado.  Sebastian is a light-hearted character, and that makes him one of my favorites. Donovan and him have a particularly strained relationship. 


((I know what you’re all thinking ANOTHER LAZULI? Well, sit down because there’s another after this. 😛 ))

Sage Lazuli: Daemon, witch, necromancer, all around fun time. Sage is Sebastian’s daemon wife. She’s not like the other daemons, she’s the daughter of a witch that went bad and was cursed by daemons. She’s a sweetheart and a little spooky….but still good…still good. 😉





Aliens in Dreamland?

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 11.27.38 PM.png

Writer’s life looks a little something like this: two versions of the novel pulled up, blasting Queen, & drinking copious amounts of Seltzer.

I’ve been trying to update every Friday (although I don’t dare say that is the plan because we all know how well I stick to plans.)

Today is more of just an update post. It’s currently 10:58pm on February 14th, 2019 and I’m blasting Moonlight by XXXTENTACION which is currently one of my favorite writing songs. I’m working on the final rewrite of Chapter 10 in my YA Fantasy novel Book 1 of The Forbidden God Chronicles. I know that this is the final rewrite because everything is falling into place. I’m tying up loose ends from the first draft, I’ve switched to a POV I just ADORE and it’s all falling into place spookily perfectly. Have you ever had that happen while making something? Where things just start shaping up better than you could have planned it? It’s been happing me a lot while working on this novel. I’m 26,665 words and even only a quarter of the way towards being finished it’s better than the full 78,000 words I had in the original draft.

Things falling into place spookily happened the other day. It freaked me out so much I had to call my mom (which is a running theme in my life when bizarre things happen if you haven’t noticed yet).  I had been referring to the realm the Gods live in for my novel as Mondo Immaginario for the first few dozen versions of this book which translates loosely to the dream land or an imaginary world in Italian. I called it this because I had literally no idea what else to call it in my rough draft(s). I’m now calling it something amazing that just fits so much better than original, I don’t want to share the name though because it’ll give away some of the attributes of characters. However, the other location that plays a big role in my novel is Area 51 / Groom Lake, Nevada. This location also plays an interesting part in this #AmWriting spooky story.

You see, the other day I was researching Area 51 a little better. I had made some mistakes in earlier versions of this book because I thought Area 51 was located in Roswell, New Mexico. (I know, me, an insane alien buff, made an amateur mistake. I’m still angry with myself babes, we cool.) As mentioned above, Area 51 is located in Groom Lake, Nevada which caused me to have to rewrite my mini road trip the characters in TFGC a bit to change the 14hr trip into the correct 8hr trip. Alas, I made it work and was able to move forward in my research of Area 51. My book is about an alternate universe, but it’s almost identical to our current earth aside from a few noticeable differences so I wanted to get as much info on Area 51 to be as accurate as possible to cause readers to go “OMG WHAT IF?” However, in my research, I stumbled upon the military slang for what Area 51 is sometimes called. Are you ready for this? It’s called Dreamland. 


I wish I could say that is the only strange occurrence like this that has happened while writing this novel but it’s really not. I keep falling into things–like the real name for the realm of the Gods I’m not mentioning yet. Although this is spooky and freaks me out more than a little bit, it’s making me stay on my path. When I get discouraged I just tell myself, “No, bitch. Look at these weird things that keep happening! This is exactly where you’re supposed to be.” So, I guess we’ll see. 😉

I think that’s about it. I’ll see you guys next week! Happy Valentines Day, babes!


PS: Saturday I’m thinking about posting a bonus post where I share my character mood boards. If you can’t wait until then, you can find them on my writer instagram @DonovanLazuli which you should definitely follow.

Paranormal Investigation 101

Chances are that if you’re a witch, you probably adore the paranormal as well as all things witchy. Let me tell you, I’m right there with you! As an active researcher of the paranormal world and the holder of a certificate in parapsychology, I know a thing or two about starting to investigate the paranormal. So, here’s a list of my top 5 tips/things to remember when paranormal investigating.
1) First and most importantly, respect the dead.
The paranormal are just spirits of people who are no longer corporeal. Treat them as you would any other person you meet. Show them respect and you’ll be surprised at the results they’ll help you get. You catch more flies (even dead flies) with honey than you do vinegar.
2)  Keep in mind your senses are your most powerful tool.
Don’t get me wrong! Ghost hunting equipment is fun and can yield amazing results, but they’re not necessary. I’ll be the first to grab an SB11 and use it during an investigation but, too often do new investigators use those pieces of equipment as a crutch rather than something to add to their own abilities. The most valuable and powerful piece of equipment you can use is yourself. Get a strange feeling from a room? Go stick to that room. Open yourself up, use yourself as a compass and follow your intuition into rooms to use some of your equipment.
3) Take base-readings/mental notes.
Walk around where you’re investigating first. Don’t take any tools. Don’t start investigating. Take note of electrical wires, pipes, uneven floor / ground patches. If you have an EMF or Mel meter, this would be the time to use it and note any spikes or readings. That way when you’re investigating you don’t think something natural is something supernatural.
4) Remain grounded / Carry protection of all kinds.
When you go into an investigation, keep in mind negative energy is out there as well. Although, in my experience I do not believe it’s as common. Always go into an investigation properly grounded, feeling positive and happy. Remember my blog about positive attracting positive and negative attracting negative? Keep that in mind. Carry protection not only for spiritual energy, but also in case you meet a mortal creep or animal along the way. Black tourmaline is a GREAT stone to use as a paranormal investigator, and pepper spray or a pocket knife is always good to have on hand in case of a mortal world emergency.
5) Research your location before and after! 
You’d be amazed what results you may find.  Not only is researching before going into a location a good idea, but sometimes researching afterwards can yield even better results. I don’t recommend going into any investigation completely blind for safety reasons, get at least the basics so you know what you’re walking into. Afterwards–research your experiences–the sights, sounds, feelings. You might be able to make even stronger research based connections to validate your experiences.