Planetary Magick Correspondence

Jupiter: Money & luck, job searching & business.

Mars: Strength & courage, health & healing, protection, un-hexing, sex & lust.

Mercury: Divination & psychic abilities, meditation, mental abilities, wisdom & learning.

Moon: Joy, fertility, protection, peace, divination, sleep, & spiritual guidance / understanding.

Saturn: Longevity, psychic abilities, visions & divination, purification.

Sun: Business & job searching, health & healing, protection, success, & spiritual guidance/understanding.

Venus: Love, relationships, marriage, happiness, & beauty.

Uranus: Change & moving forward, destruction.

Pluto: Psychic abilities, sex & lust, power, universal wisdom.


BOS Spell Sheet:

BOS Spell Sheet ©Cynical Old Bat / Magick & Macabre Co. Not for resale or commercial use. Feel free to share them with your coven, though! 🙂


I’m the writer your parents warned you about.

Current Mood: Blasting ‘Afterlife’ by A7X as loud as possible to get through this final part of my first book.

I know, I know, “But, Cynical you’ve been writing the same book for four years shouldn’t you be done already? I mean, you have beta readers. What the hell?” I KNOW. I’m getting there. We’re in the final stretch babes, let’s fucking do this! I wrote over 50,000 words in the past few months in this first book not including notes, the second book, and chapters that never made it in that are being saved. We’re closer than we’ve ever been to a finished first draft. I’m so excited because I think this NaNoWriMo I’m going to do it. I’m going to finish this book.

PS: The first book isn’t finished, but I am currently about 25,000 words into the second book. *Grins like a maniac* It’s what I’ve been working on so far this NaNoWriMo but I think it’s time to switch gears and head back to the OG novel and FINISH THE CRAP OUTTA IT! 😀

Challenge accepted. 

Happy National Authors Day! |Author Appreciation Post w/ Faves! |

Today is #NationalAuthorsDay and I figured I’d share a few of my favourite authors both indie and regular with y’all!

Maggie Stiefvater: I figured since I’m sporting a tattoo of the ley lines The Raven Cycle I should probably make her first on my list. ‘Cause, it’s obvious I adore her. Maggie Steifvater is a YA author that writes about the paranormal and other spooky elements in her stories along with the tiniest touch of celtic and welsh legends. My favorite series by her (of course) is The Raven Cycle which is about a group of rag-tag friends searching for a dead Welsh king. Along the way, they encounter ghosts, curses, dream-theives, and even a bit of a murder mystery. Maggie is also one of the funniest and most down-to-earth author’s I’ve ever met…so she gets bonus points for being an amazing person through and through.

Rainbow Rowell: Rainbow Rowell! I am pretty sure I would die for her–or maybe I’d die for Baz from Carry On? It’s a draw. Rainbow Rowell has made my list for helping me out of a dark place when I needed it most. Her books have a touch of fantasy to them even if they’re meant to be about real life scenarios. It’s just in the way that she weaves her words together. She creates masterpieces. She has some seriously amazing quotes:

“Sometimes writing is running downhill your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they can’t quite keep up with gravity.” Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

“She was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art and art wasn’t supposed to look nice. It was supposed to make you feel something.” –Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

“These things end. They always end. Nobody marries their first love. First love is just that. First. It’s implied that something else will follow.” Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

“You were the sun, and I was crashing into you. I’d wake up every morning and think, ‘This will end in flames.” –Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

“Even if your heart is broken & attacking you, you’re still not better off without it.” –Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Dorothy Morrison: The author of my all-time favourite witchy book The Craft: A Witch’s Book of Shadows and my current read Yule: A Celebration of Lights & Warmth she earned a spot for helping me get into witchcraft in the first place! The Craft was the first witch book I ever owned and it is the one I use the most. She uncomplicates witchcraft in a way I really needed when I first started out and I continue to return to even now as an established witch.

Mackenzi Lee: This author writes novels about history and she’s a huge advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. She has a list of LGBTQ+ books on her instagram stories by other authors and I’ve been slowly making my way through them because it’s a great feeling to read about people facing similar issues to you in a positive light in a world where you’re taught being LGBTQ+ isn’t something to be proud of. Through her books, I’ve learned to accept myself more. A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue is one of my all time favourite books…and A Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy is easily becoming a close second as I make my way through it. My love for these books is undying. Monty is a masterpiece, DO YOU HEAR ME? HE IS PRECIOUS. WE MUST CHERISH HIM. He’s also very hilarious. Percy is an inspiration, because he’s ill, gay, and a POC (in the 1700s) yet overcoming his hardships by continuing to shoot towards his dreams of being a musician. Fuck, he makes me what to do everything I can to achieve my own goals. If he can do it, so can I!  Felicity is also an inspiration because she has all the girl power. I’m pretty sure that she, alone, could smash the patriarchy if she put her mind to it.

Linda Zimmermann: Not only being one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, she’s a local paranormal legend in my area. She writes books about her accounts with the paranormal and the amount of research she puts into them is truly astounding. Not only on the paranormal side of things, she also writes about local murder history and ancient stone sites! Talk about a paranormal renaissance woman!

NANOWRIMO |#AmWriting|

*Shouts from the rooftops*


This year, I’ve doubled up! Not only do I want to attempt to finish my second novel in the Forbidden God Chronicles…. NO, NO. I want to make my life far more difficult. So, I plan on fixing up the final fifteen chapters of the first book for Betas to read through AND write an entire novel in a month. Clearly, I hate myself. It’s fine.

I’m not too worried this year because I joined a really amazing team of people (NY:Elsewhere region represent) and we’re physically meeting and discussing things. Working together in a super motivating environment with other writers might just be the kick in the ass I need to finish a novel in a month. Maybe this year, I’ll actually finish and not get distracted like every other year.

As Above, So Below : The Forbidden God Chronicles Book 2


After the death of a fellow God, the remaining Forbidden Gods abandon Lazarus Division in flames. Freshly marked as traitors, they’re separately forced into hiding-but things are rarely what they seem.

Book 2 if a song was written about it:


Modern (Vegan) Pumpkin Spice Latte Soul Cakes

Ah! Smell that air! Look at those leaves! Hear those spirits call! Oh, that last one was a little disturbing wasn’t it? Eh, no matter. As the veil thins, it’s time to start preparing for the witch’s new year: Samhain. To start, I’m going to share a modern variation on soul cakes. I don’t know if any of you have ever had a soul cake, but all the one’s I’ve had were–well–underwhelming. I always find them not so cake-like, more biscuit (In the American term of the word) like. So, I’m hoping that this recipe helps make your soul cakes a little tastier, a little brownish so you can share them with the dead and not just give them all to the dead to spare yourself from having to eat them.

Soul Cake Ingredients:

  • 2.5 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup pureed silken tofu
  • 2.5T Baking Powder
  • 3T Coffee Extract
  • 3T Pumpkin Pie Spice (1T Clove, 1T Nutmeg, 1T Cinnamon)
  • 1 Cup Pumpkin Puree
  • 1 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Soul cake tin. You can use a muffin tin, small loaf tins,  hell…I plan on trying to use these.
  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF/176ºC
  2. Beat together the tofu, coffee extract, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice in a mixing bowl
  3. Add dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Combine them well.
  4. Slowly begin to fold in wet ingredients into the bigger bowl, if mixture seems too dry feel free to add a little non-dairy milk in to fix up the consistency a little, they should have a brownie/blondie style consistency compared to a traditional dough.
  5. Pour mixture into your greased pan & allow to bake for around 20 minutes. Check on them periodically because when you can stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean they’re done!
  6. Allow to cool completely and enjoy!

Optional: Did you know Duncan Hines homestyle buttercream icing is vegan? You can doll up your soul cakes by adding a few teaspoons of coffee extract and some pumpkin spice to some of that icing and draw pentacles on top of your soul cakes! YUM.